I'm here to make YOU look GREAT in your photos. . .

Being INVISIBLE is so last season . . .

Grab a camera!

[Pro-photographer not required] 



Finally, look great & feel good in every single photo you take! Are your photos helping or hurting your business?

If your photos don't motivate customers to buy your products, services, or join your email list, well....they're not helping you!

       Are your current               photos costing you

  • Clients?

  • Influence?

  • Confidence?


You might worry about where to look, how to stand, what to wear,

      and a million other factors.
But when you don't have brand photos that fully represent who you are, your best, most beautiful self can't shine through.

The wrong photos can feel embarrassing. Sometimes you wonder,

“Is that really how I look? 'Cause that’s not at all how I feel!”

I get it!

LOOKING great in photos can feel intimidating.




When you join She Gets The Picture, you get to attend 4 Instagram Gold in-person workshops for free!









Create photos that turn heads, stop-the-scroll, and convert visitors into customers...

without hiring a costly professional so that you can spend more time BUILDING your business.

What would it mean for your business and your life if . . .

you had GORGEOUS, heart-stopping photos that radiate legitimacy, trust and confidence? What if you have photos to share with clients that made you proud instead of ashamed? What if those photos conveyed EXACTLY the message you intended...a message that made them want to know you and buy from you?

The secret to showing up as your best self in photos isn’t fancy equipment or a pro photographer…

Brand photography is a powerful skill and language that YOU can learn and use to stop the scroll. You know the importance of authenticity, but you don’t want to look too over-the-top, posed, or silly in your photos. You want to be understood at a glance.


Being strategic and looking amazing in your branding photos is NOT about looking in the rear-view mirror and thinking about the way you used to look.

Creating your future happens NOW!

Showing up as the confident, powerful CEO of your biz means showing up in your pictures that way!

But you currently avoid getting those photos done for a number of reasons.

You don’t have the money for a professional photoshoot, you’ve gained some extra weight, you feel too old, too awkward, you don’t have the right clothes

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have photos that you CAN'T WAIT to share? Pictures you love so much you want to kiss them?!!!

As women,

We have a visual picture in our minds of who we are and what we look like on the outside.

It doesn’t matter if we love the look of

Lululemons and nike’s
flip flops and surf clothes
glam makeup and heels...

If we don’t show up the way we see ourselves,

our confidence takes a hit.

It’s not about one look we strive for, It’s about being who we are Mind, Body and Soul and making things happen the way we see them!


I love having Michelle shoot my photos.  From our very first shoot, she made me feel incredibly comfortable which made the photos really feel like me.  I have since used her several times and she always over-delivers.  Some of my favorite photos are the ones Michelle shoots!  We use them on social media, our website, and podcast cover and everything looks and feels cohesive.  Her photos really take your business to the next level.

 - Stacy Tuschl She's Building Her Empire

Confidence on fire!!  Working with Michelle is amazing. She has such an eye for color and helping me look and feel like my best version. Photos are the cornerstone to my online business and her experience of posing and simple slimming photo tricks has set my feed on fire. Thank you Michelle. 

Nicole Di Rocco -Host of FastTrack Your Fashion Brand. 

Thank you Michelle, I got so many likes and comments on my photos. I just love them! Your guidance made a huge difference!

- Sherry Nativo All About Training Dogs

I love how Michelle can stop you from feeling self conscious about posing for the camera and show you just how to enhance each shot!

- Liz Mellville

Before working with Michelle, I was an aging wreck! Worried about so many flaws...natural process or not. After, I felt empowered and proud to be me. I am beautiful. The way we feel oozes out of us into our photos...it's in our eyes. Michelle is genuinely wonderful to work with!

Betsy Fulmer -Art Elevation

Working with Michelle was a truly joyful experience, I thought I was getting some nice new pictures for my website, what I didn’t realize was that I was also getting lessons in how to look better in pictures FOREVER. 

Those tiny tweaks in poses may be subtle, but having my photo taken will never be the same again now that I know the insider's secrets to looking amazing on camera!

I truly feel that these pictures have captured me looking better than at any other time in my life! Thank you Michelle

Melanie Moore -Tapping Into Your Big Vision


Working with Michelle was an absolute joy. What she does goes so far beyond the incredible skill and knowledge she has for angles, poses and lighting.
She has a tremendous natural talent for seeing what others can't see and for showing you how to access the right feeling for your images. I got more pictures that I actually LOVE than I ever could have hoped for. If you have a chance to get advice or be coached by Michelle, you need to grab that opportunity, you will enjoy the results!
Kimberly Spreen Glick -The Inspired Life


Q: What if I don't have a good camera?

A: The minimum gear needed is a smartphone. Everything beyond that is a bonus!

Q: What if I am not a professional photographer?

A: That's not a problem at all! I'll teach you everything you need to know to be able to create your photos, even if you're a beginner.

Q: When does the course start and finish?

 A: This is a guided, self paced course. We'll have a private FB group to ask all questions. You'll have lifetime access to review and reference all material (we will continually be adding new information as well). Purchasing this course grants you lifetime access. You may also attend FOUR Instagram Gold workshops for FREE within the following year of purchasing. 

What's included in The She Gets The Picture Course?




Future starts NOW! Opportunity is in your hands...LITERALLY!

Body angles that make you APPROACHABLE, CONFIDENT, and so much more

What to do with your hands

Longer Legs and Narrowing 




Achieve your best indoor Lighting



The BEST light for you

Photo WOW-factor






Grabbing customer attention when you need it most: CART OPEN and CART CLOSE Photos

All eyes on you. The most important things to do when choosing backgrounds to direct your  client's eye







Apps that make it all easy












Informative & inspiring GUEST EXPERTS


You also get access to FOUR

Instagram Gold in-person workshops for free within the year after purchasing.


        A COURSE that will save you time and money!

        Saying Yes to the She Gets the Picture Course means saying YES TO…

  • Being able to refresh your own brand photos any time you want
  • Learning how to look approachable and confident in ALL your photos
  • Align your brand and personality with your photos
  • Create a feeling and a result in the blink of an eye.
  • Clear away any blocks you have that are holding you back from getting in front of the camera


What you get:

  • Affordable gear ideas
  • Guest Experts
  • Private FB group
  • Live group check-in calls where you can ask me any questions
  • Accountability around creating your photos
  • Lifetime access to all course material

Invest in yourself today...

She Gets the Picture [4 LIVE, in-person workshops included. You may attend the four workshops for free within one year after purchasing]


  • 5 self-starter Modules so that  you can learn at your own speed.
  • FREE access to four live, in-person INSTAGRAM GOLD WORKSHOPS: ($2000/year)
  • Online workshops with photo-hot-seats to create instant photos!
  • Pillar1: Positioning $497
  • Pillar 2: Lighting $399
  • Pillar 3: Backgrounds $399
  • Pillar 4: Your Photo Wow-Factor $497
  • Private FB Group
  • Lifetime access to all course material

Value: $4292


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